Something borrowed and something old. New trends for wedding jewels

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According to the tradition, brides jewels should always be something lent by someone else: grandmothers, moms, aunts, girlfriends. That “something old” represents the bride’s link to her family. A way of remembering what was good in your life till then and the way you would like to make things go in your new life.

Most of the times these precious joys are a part of family heritage. I have some, too, and I did worn at my marriage. Have you ever checked yours? Is there anything you would like to wear for your Wedding Day? You might find a Tiffany or Cartier there!

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Tiffany Wedding Jewels, Roaring the 20′

I have always wondered on how this tradition started: your wedding shows the start of a new life, two people merging together, body and soul. So why thinking about the past?

I guess this tradition means being aware of what we became as young women and what we would like to be as young wives.


wedding, jewel, bologna, italy

Cartier diadem for Princess Marie Bonaparte

Speaking about different traditions, let’s have a look to hindu weddings, where the bride is completely covered by new and old jewels. What a gorgeous way to be! In India jewels have a different meaning, they tell the bride’s family social status and how theyr are “presenting” the bride to the groom.


wedding, bologna, italy, jewels

A Hindu Bride: spectacular!

The “Something borrowed” usually comes from a happily married woman and is thought to lend some of her good fortune and joy to the new bride. This is what a bride is always very careful about. I had a pair of pearl ear rings, lent by a dear friend of mine and it really worked!

If you want to be traditional but original too, we suggest you to gather your best friends and do a jewel party, to play with pearl, Swarovsky or other details to create your own wedding jewelry together with them!

wedding, jewels, jewelry, bologna, italy

This is what you could realize!

Enjoy and share if you like our suggestions!


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